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I am Sorry

by Goran Rahim

Not enough words,
To say sorry,
For the love in your eyes,
I couldn't see.
I am sorry for hurting you,
I am sorry for breaking your heart.
My mistake,
I couldn't see this true love at the start.

These are not my words,
But a message from my heart,
Yet I ask myself,
The answer is
"Yes I Do"

Looking at your eyes,
Many hopes are born.
The heart feels joyful,
The same heart
That got used to mourn.

I am sorry,
It took so long to admit this love,
The true love never hide.
When will I see a day,
Me and you
Hold each other's hands
Be together
Side by side.

I am sorry my angel,
I am confessing my guilt tonight.
With a promise,
To make every second of your life