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The Letter

by Jenni Marie

My arms are folded
As I stand there and glare
How could he do this?
How could he be so unfair?

His eyes are searching mine
Searching for a way in
I refuse to let him win
He's the one that commited the sin

'I'm sorry' he whispers
'It was just a mistake'
'She doesn't mean anything'
His words I can't take

I cut him off abruptly
And tell him to leave me alone
'Just get out' I scream at him
'And don't bother to phone'

He walks out of the door
I can see the tears in his eyes
As soon as he has gone
I break down and cry

The next day i wake up early
I've been tossing and turning all night
How has this broken trust
Replaced something that was once so bright?

How could he have done this?
Cheated on me with that wh0re?
I decide i need to talk to him
Theres things that i need to know.

When I wake up the next day
I head over to his house
I can't believe how stupid I've been
I even wanted to be his spouse!

When I arrive at his home
I knock upon the door
No one seems to be answering
But through the window I see him on the floor.

I try the door handle
And to my surprise it turns
I enter the house and see
He is covered in cuts and burns.

I see a teardrop hit the floor
I hadn't realized I was crying
I feel a lump in my throat forming
As I realize he spent the night dying.

As I stare down at him with tears on my cheeks
I realize he has a piece of paper in his fist
As I start to read this letter
My tears have made a mist.

''I am so very sorry
For what I have done
I'd go back in time if I could
And I'd make this a battle won.

Baby girl, I know I hurt you
And I know you can't forgive me
I wish I could erase the pain
If only this you could see.

I love you more than anything
Without you I have no life
So I'm going to leave you be
I'm sorry I caused this strife.

Know that even though my body is gone
My love for you will never die
And when you realize I'm gone
I beg you not to cry.''

The letter slips from my hand
And I lay my head on his chest
If only I'd given him chance to explain
He may not have chosen to forever rest.

As I recall the last two lines of his written words
All of what's happened seems truly absurd
''Now I'm afraid my life in this world must sever
But remember my love for you will remain forever.''

**Not True**
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