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Black Roses and Broken Valentines

by Twisted Heart

The heart has left it's legaacy
upon the broken soul
Among the black pitch memories
that lie within it's folds
The web of pain has breached the mind
and brought upon the moon
A blank reflection of neglect
that hides within the ruins.

Inside the thunder, a tremble wakes
upon the icy dew
Piercing darkness with the shards
of light that comes in view
Forever lost upon the crest
of falling tears of time
Inside the black-laced emptiness
that adorns my valentine.

A cupid came and dashed my heart
giving doubt its due
A midst the pieces of a soul
that died from loving you
Black roses sit upon the stone
of where my heart once lived
Now dead within the chambered thoughts
and so hard to forgive.

Remembered for the love we shared
now darkness overcomes
The light of brittle faithfulness
lost sparks that's come undone
Inside the hopeless tears that's crushed
my heart, my soul, my mind
Dreams wasted on the pages
of a broken valentine.