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My Little Lark

by ben thompson

When did life as I know it cease to even exist.
A question that I wonder, as I sit to reminisce.

I hate change, and everything used to have its place.
Until your surprising absence left me feeling erased.

When did your heart depart my darling little lark.
Happiness was when we met, one miraculous spark.

Now a lonely fool, master of my gloomy fate.
Should I try and get her back before its too late.

I must have wanted this, through my actions I've shown.
Ignorance and pride caused this, now forever alone.

So I'll let you go my love, open your wings to fly.
You'll find that special someone, to meet you in the sky.

I don't deserve you for I can't make the flight.
So fly along my lark, split that lonely night.

So when I see a rainbow I'll always think of you.
And our special times we had, when our love was new.