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Be a Kiss

by Lyndsay Kalyta

If you were a flower
I would want to be the bee
That gets to rest inside of you,
Living in pure ecstasy

If I were a rain cloud
The world would not survive
Because as long as I'd have you
There'd be no reason for me to cry

If I were a rainbow
You'd be a rainbow, too
Because the only reason my days are bright
Is because they're brightened by you

If I could be anything
I'd choose to be a kiss
Because then I could linger
Forever on your lips

If I could be anyone
I'd choose to be your girl
Because that would make me happier
Then anything in the world

If I could pick a day
To freeze forever in time
I would choose the day
I was lucky enough to call you mine

If I was granted
To have one wish come true
I would simply wish
That I could be with you