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Young Lover's Fate

by Cindy

We'd lay for hours in the field
Watching the clouds roll by
When nothing else mattered
The sun was shining in the sky.

I'd watch you picking daisies
Weaving them into a crown
Placing them on my head
Laughing, we'd fall to the ground

We had all the time in the world
You always held my hand so tight
Stealing kisses behind the house
Making sure we were out of sight.

We were kids who were in love
Everyone said we should wait
Our love was way too strong
We decided to leave it to fate

Fate took us on a journey
One I'd never ever trade
It gave us many years of love
On this our dreams were made

Dreams they always have to end
And ours it did not last
You were taken away from me
Leaving me to live in our past

So now I sit waiting
For my time to come
You will pick me daisies
While we lay beneath the sun.