Read Love Poems


by Carol Chambers

Someone to hold me tight
Someone who makes everything all right
Makes me smile all day long
With this someone, I can't go wrong
Love me for who I am inside
Someone to figure out what I'm trying to hide
I want my heart to skip a beat
For that special someone I'll hopefully meet
Someone to wipe away my tears
Someone to stick by for years and years
Someone to run to when I have a bad day
Someone who always knows just what to say
Something that is much more than a crush
Someone who gives my heart that special rush
Someone to trust someone to love
Someone who seems to be sent from above
I pray for this special someone day and night
The one that takes away all of my fright
Someone who is my true love and my best friend
Who I will be with and love until the very end
I'll surely know when I've found the one
For my heart and soul they have already won