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I'd do anything for you

by e LIZ a beth

& you'll laugh when I trip
Over my own two feet
And my heart will melt
Every time you look at me

I'll tell you my world
Everything there is to know
I'll give you my heart
And ill never let you go

& You may question
Everything that I say
You'll think I am lying
And ask why I feel this way

But it's so hard to answer
For I stumble when I speak
My voice is growing faint
My words are getting weak

I guess what I'm trying to say
Is that I can't resist your smile
And with everything you do
It makes breathing worthwhile

& for every bad thought
A good one comes from you
And if you cry a single tear
Just know ill cry them too

& yes I'd climb a mountain
Just so you could see
I'm willing to do anything
For you to be happy

Even if you don't believe me
I swear to you it's true
Cause you're the one that I love
And I'd do anything for you