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The Letter, Part Two

by Jenni Marie

One Week Later.

I sit alone in my room
Staring at his picture on the wall
Tears pour down my face as I wonder
How I could have let him fall?

Thoughts are flashing through my mind
I feel helpless and confused
How could he have left me alone here?
My heart is severely bruised.

I clutch his picture to my chest
I need to have him near my heart
Why was he so stupid?
I always thought him smart.

My whole being aches for him
My soul is crying out
Why did I tell him to go?
Why did I have to shout?

I'd give anything to make things right
But I just don't know how
I need him here with me
And I need him right now.

My eyes are focused on his picture
And a thought flashes through my head
How could fate be so cruel to me?
Why is my baby dead?

I try to rid the thought
But it just wont go away
I really don't think
I can make another day.

I make my way to the kitchen
And slowly pick up a knife
I need to be with him somehow
I need to get away from strife.

I take the knife to my wrists
A fountain of red appears
I thought I would be terrified
Strangely I have no fear.

Slowly the world becomes hazy
My body begins to shake
The pain is unbearable
I don't know how much I can take.

I place a letter on the table
For someone to find
It says everything I couldn't say out loud
The deepest thoughts inside my mind.

''My sweetest, baby boy,
I'm coming to see you real soon
I'm sorry for the pain I caused you
I'm sorry for all this gloom.

I wish things had been different
Wish I hadn't made you walk away
Wish I could see you alive and well
For just one more day.

I know your watching up in heaven
Reading these words I write
You'll be making other Angels laugh
Making Heaven a place so bright.

I know that you made a mistake
Baby boy, I forgive you
I just pray that one day
You'll be able to forgive me too.

I'm getting closer to you now
I can feel it in my heart
I'm on my way to see you
I hope for a brand new start.

In your last written words you told me
That your love would remain forever
In my last words I'm telling you
We're always going to be together.''