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Until Dreaming Ends

by ShootingStar179

Dreaming is so much better than reality,
Sweet violins echoing in the distance,
As I slowly step towards a man in a trance,
He grabs my hand,
And gently we dance.

It is a dream if only for tonight,
Nothing so sweet can ever be real,
Only dreams can express how I truly feel
This paradise can only last,
With an imaginary kiss as its seal

His dark eyes an element that makes it a dream,
So deep and so incredibly mysterious,
A real man would have ulterior purpose,
Hurt and pain would be my gain,
So many lies under the surface

Someday this will no longer be a reverie,
There will be a strong sweet man,
Standing with me,
So until I find a man who is as he seems,
I will see him here in my dreams.