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Away From You

by BECCA lessTHANthree

It hasn't even been a day
But still it's been too long
Away from you, it's hard to take
It all just feels so wrong

All I want to do is cry
And for you to hold me tight
I want you to clear my tears
And tell me things will be all right

But I just need to keep in mind
That this is not for good
And that things will work out fine,
They'll work out if they should

But really only time can tell
If this was meant to be
The only thing that we can do
Is wait it out and see

But seeing you is hard to take
Unbearable, so hard to do
When I just want to hold your hand,
To hug, to hold and to kiss you

But once again, I can forget
That this is for the best
That the time away from you
Will sort out all the mess

And I know that its better
And it hasn't been that long
Its just even seconds without you
Feel out of place and wrong