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One Day

by Cindy

Every morning looking out the window
Hoping this dream will go away
Somehow I will wake up and see
You are back with me to stay

I'll be wrapped in your loving embrace
Looking forward to each new day
Seeing your smiling face when I wake
Praying God will help me find my way

Needing you with me to make it through
You always said "You're beautiful in my eyes"
Instead I feel the heartache of being ill
Hearing now the sound of my own painful cries

Remembering your promise that you made
That you would always be here with me
I know this is not the way you wanted it
The purpose of it all is just to hard to see

We had such big hopes and dreams
Remember we were going to grow old together
Rocking on our porch holding hands
My only comfort, We will be together forever

One day