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Make Up Your Mind

by 4ever4u

Why can't you just make up your mind
You're seeking for answers you cannot find
You are confused and can't think straight
But how much longer do I have to wait

What do you really want I'd like to know
Should I stay or should I go
One moment its this the next moment it's that
I'm tired of hearing your silly chit-chat

Why do you have to make things so complicated
You're so indecisive its getting me frustrated
You're playing mind games I can't take very well
I'm running out of patience, can't you tell?

The answer is quite obvious but you still don't see
It's a torture not knowing what your answer will be
You can't be thinking about him while you're loving me
There's just isn't enough space in this room for three

Make up your mind about what you will do
Who will you choose between us two?
But you're so mixed up you don't have a clue
And I can't make it any easier for you

For sure one of us will have to go
Either you tell me yes or you tell me no
But just for a moment put yourself in my shoe
And consider for a while what you're putting me through

You're running out of excuses as the days go by
So think it over carefully before you tell me a lie
I just want to put all this madness behind
So for heaven's sake won't you please make up your mind.