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I Love You Always

by engracia

I loved you last night
But some how I love you more today
And if there is one thing you can count on
It's that my love will never stray

I love you for countless reasons
Like how you still take my breath away
And how no matter where life takes us
I'll always be your lady

You are beautiful and romantic
when you touch me, you melt my heart
And its crazy that I still feel the same
As i did from the start

I never knew it could happen
That I would ever meet a man like you
A man that would guarantee himself
To always stand for what is true

Whether it be love life or endings
You could never tell a lie
Because what you feel with in
Is what you show me on the outside

I will love you tomorrow
Just as I love you today
You will forever be a part of me
In my heart you will remain