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My Everything

by Karl Wild GG23

Late at night after the sun has set,
I climb the highest tree,
The stars then form a silhouette,
Two people you and me.

If the stars should fall from the sky,
To crush my hopeful dreams,
Then in this tree is where I'll die,
With my heart torn at the seams.

Because to me you're everything,
The sky, the stars, the moon,
Your love is a song I'll forever sing,
To me its the sweetest tune.

The moon glows a stunning white,
In the wind I whisper your name,
In my heart a fire you did ignite,
I'll now never look at love the same.

Because your love is all I crave,
The one thing thats always true,
On my heart your initials I will engrave,
As it forever belongs to only you.