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Cupids Curse

by Gem

Cupid was always picking on me
And shooting his arrows awry
He didn't seem to care who he hit
And didn't care if he made me cry

Making me fall in love with the guys
Who were never the right ones for me
I was so sick of being under cupids curse
All i wanted was just to be free

Free to find the guy who would care
And love me with all of his heart
But Cupid just wouldn't leave me alone
He kept shooting his troublesome darts

Until one day on the first of Feb
He had someone new in his sight
He brought me together with Marcus Stott
For the first time he got it right

So now years later on Valentines day
I see how helpful Cupid could be
It was just a game of trial and error
To find the right person for me ©


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