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I lost everything I had

by Karl Wild GG23

I once had the world in my hand,
The only thing I'd ever need,
I had the love that most demand,
But lost it all to greed.

I tried so hard to make it right,
To do the best I could,
But my dreams faded to black & White,
Then suddenly, alone and cold I stood.

I took what I had for granted,
Never saw her for who she truly was,
She took me to a place so enchanted,
That's what the love of an angel does.

Just when I had it all,
I went and threw everything away,
Sometimes I wish she'd write or call.
Or stop by my house one day.

But her love is over and gone,
I only have myself to blame,
I treated her just like a pawn,
In a twisted, shameful game.

All I wanted to do was keep her near
To protect her from all that was bad,
I haven't stopped crying ever since the year,
I lost everything I had.