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Losing Grip

by *Charisma*

I was holding onto something
That was never really there
Like grasping for the rainbow
But only catching air

I thought believing was enough,
Faith would make it come true.
In the end, I realized
It's something you must DO.

Now, I'm left alone to ponder
All the errors that I made.
Each one stabs deep into me
And my sanity invades.

I'm losing grip with everything
And I've lost my grip on you.
Day by day I handle life
But the handle's coming unglued.

I wish that there was somebody
But wishing's what got me here.
I put hope in my feelings.
I guess my feelings weren't clear.

Watch each finger as it lets go
Of the bar it's been hanging on.
That bar of reason slowly fades
Because all my reasons went wrong.

So I'll keep losing grip
Until there's nothing left to lose.
I should have let you go then
Now, what's there left to prove?