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Waiting and Missing You

by Michelle

Missing you each moment of the day
Is the hardest thing I've ever done,
I think of you with stars at night
And with the rising of the sun.
It's the most heartbreaking thing
To have found a love so real
And not be able to touch you
To show you exactly how I feel.
Sometimes I curse the fates
That have kept us so far apart
But in the next breath I'm blessing them
For bringing You into my heart.
It seems cruel and unjust
To have to wait so long
I know what I am needing
And I know where you belong...
What is unknown is the exact timeframe
That we'll have to endure
This infection we're both smitten with
With only each other for the cure.
Just a simple little cuddle
Would turn my world around
Make me giddy with the utmost happiness
Turn my frown upside down.
But as I've told you time and time again
I'll wait forever for your love
It's all that I've been praying for
Sent from up above.