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Wish upon a shooting star

by Karl Wild GG23

In relationships I always avoid,
Falling completely head over heels,
So my heart doesn't end up destroyed,
Because I know exactly how it feels.

I used to love with my entire heart,
Now I give a lot, but never my all,
So when the relationship tears apart,
I will have broken my own fall.

It seems there's never a place to hide,
When times turn for the worst,
You have so much built up pain inside,
That your precious heart is about to burst.

Nothing that anyone says or does,
Will ease the crippling pain,
Your heart will never be what it was,
Never completely whole again.

I often hear people talk about,
The risk being worth the reward,
But when it comes to love, I truly doubt,
That the risk can be ignored.

So fall in love and pray it's true,
Wish upon a shooting star,
That your heart never breaks in two,
Because you can never hide the scar.