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I wanna boy

by Kaila

I wanna a boy
Who treats me right
Who makes sure I'm happy
day and night

I wanna boy
Who needs my love
And treats me like
An angel from above

I wanna boy
He holds me tight
And will hold on forever
with all there might

I wanna boy
Who's charming and sweet
One of those who will
sweep me off my feet

I wanna boy
Rugged and tough
But shows there feelings
when the going gets rough

I wanna boy
Who loves me for me
and I don't have to put on an act
Just to please

I wanna boy
He gets my weird quirks
And when I'm being whiny
Gives me one of those evil smirks

I wanna boy
Who loves me so true
That I'm the only thing that matters
when the day is through