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Lying without you

by in.need.of.a.lucky.charm

Thoughts thread through my mind,
Emotions rupture inside,
When you leave me alone,
My mind and heart collide.

I try to believe in you,
Believe the words you say,
But if you love me so much,
Then why can't you just stay?

If you really love me,
Why aren't you here?
If you really don't want her,
Then why are you there?

I don't want you to know,
Just how much this hurts,
But when you're lying next to her,
My mind immediately converts.

I think that you don't love me,
And I think you don't care,
I think if you really want me,
That I'd be the one who was there.

Instead, she's the one beside you,
She's lying in your bed,
She's sleeping on the pillow,
That was once beneath my head,

She's got her ear to your chest,
She's listening to your heart,
She's holding my whole world,
She's tearing it apart.

Tears sting my blood red wrist,
I have nothing better to do,
When you're lying there with her,
And I'm lying without you.