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Slipping Away

by Emily Strickland

As I Look Into Your Eyes
It Feels Like Somethings Wrong
Even Though Your Here
It Feels As Though Your Gone

Everytime That We Talk
You Have Nothing Much To Say
When I Come Up To You
You Just Turn And Walk Away

It Just Doesn't Seem
Like Your Ever Really Here
Your Starting To Drift Away
This Feeling Is Very Clear

If Your Feeling Unhappy
Wont You Please Let Me Know
Because If Its What You Want
Then I Will Have To Let You Go

Things Just Arnt The Way
That They Were Before
You Just Don't Seem To Feel
The Same Way Anymore

This Distance Seems To Grow
More And More Each Day
As Much As I Hate To Say It
You Just Keep Slipping Away

Even Though I'm Not Sure
About The Reason Why
Maybe Its Best We Let Go
And Just Say Goodbye