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Final Plea

by Rachel RTVW

Mountain top, far from reach,
Choking tears, distorting speech.
Who will hear my echo call?
Sad the sounds as teardrops fall.
Scanning the landscape for trails of us,
Now all that's left is memories dust.

Hearing you whisper, "Cry no more"
Sends shivers through my core.
"All I wanted was to be a wife,
To live, to love and share your life.
Lonley life on distant shore,
You visit me in dreams no more."

"I don't define you" you respond,
"Look not to me, but far beyond"
"If true love shall cause you pain,
Than that love must be in vain"

"Please don't leave, my final plea"

"But you deserve much more than me."

As in the past, you disppear,
And though my eyes shed not a tear.
Words cut deep, it's so unfair
To give up all we used to share

Alone once more, I walk again,
Without my love, patience thin
Drowning in sorrow, broken heart.
Love built on lies then torn apart.