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Phone Calls

by Kidpoetry

Ring, ring, ring, baby
Please pick up the phone
I need to talk to you
I'm feeling all alone

I need to hear you love me
And that you will never leave
For a thought of life without you
I cannot conceive

You're all i ever wanted
You're all I'll ever need
You're more important to me
Than money is to greed

Baby please pick up
I long to hear you speak
Because i know the things you say
Are not said tongue in cheek

I told you that I'm yours
And you replied that you are mine
And once we are together
Our love will be divine

Because we have that real love
The kinda that lasts forever
And though we may be far apart
Our love will help endeavor

Rough roads lay ahead
In our future's path
But we shall persevere through it
Our love shields us from the wraith

So baby please pick up
I told you I'm addicted
If your voice i don't hear at night
Then insomnia is predicted

I cannot go to sleep at night
If we don't conversate
I want us to talk for hours on end
I don't care if it gets late

We can talk about our vision
Of watching the sun set in the sky
As we cuddle up together
And both begin to cry

And as i glare into your eyes
And watch a tear run down your face
I realize in that very moment
I don't want to be any other place

But as I wait still for your tone
These thoughts soon disappear
And quickly are replaced
By one constant dreadful fear

Its hits me like a ton of bricks
And i become very dizzy
You cant answer the phone rite now
For you are in some way busy

So i am going to bed alone tonight
Without your voice so comforting
I now hang up in agony
Of hearing my unanswered ring

But as i am understanding
At you, I'm not upset
How could i be at the person
Whom my best day is when we met

So instead i will fight off my anxiety
And try and get some sleep
And as i lay my head down thinking
I envision our love so deep

These thoughts of you shall stay,
Wit me throughout the night
As long as we may talk tomorrow
I will eventually be alright