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Fallin' In Love

by LiL One

I met this boy when I was 13 years old,
and the thing I loved about him was the way he was so bold,
and I was always sure to listen to the stories he told.

I wanted to be with him,
even though I knew the chances seemed slim.

Every night I thought about this boy,
hoping one day he would bring me joy,
and not be foolish enough to treat me like a toy.

thoughts of him drifted from my mind.

He was nothing more then a memory to me,
the occasional thought of him brought pure glee.
but I knew that there would never be a "we".

I didn't see this boy for years,
I knew speaking to him might bring me fear,
I knew that some people weren't always as they appeared.

He quickly erased all these thoughts from my head,
It was so easy to believe everything he said,
and I knew, a tear I would never shed.

We grew so close,
He was the person that I could tell the most.

He listened to what I had to say,
and his words never lead me astray,
and he knew I would never take this love away.

I admit, what we had wasn't all good,
we didn't always say what we should,
but I knew how he felt, I understood.

He showed me nothing but love and respect,
and that is something I always expect.

He exceeded my expectations,
He taught me how to deal with complications,
and sometimes it was good to use patience.

What I feel, these words don't express,
alls I hope is the love will carry on with finesse.