Read Love Poems


by BeautifulxMess

It's like a dream with you that night;
Staring at the stars above the world.
Laying in the bed of your pick-up truck;
Wondering how I got to be your girl.

Being with you this beautiful year;
You kept me from my fears and the dark.
All the smiles you brought to my face;
They've never left my beating heart.

As we lay down below the starry night;
You grab my hand tight to your chest.
You kiss my forehead and hug me;
As you tell me that I am the best.

You lift my chin up and kiss my lips;
Hold my head as we adore the time.
I lay my head on your crimson heart;
I really wish that kiss lasted all night.

You said, "Baby, lets runaway from here;
Take my hand and we'll run together.
We'll run to a place were we can only love;
A place where things will always get better."

And I open my hands to you to hold;
As you slip your fingers through mine.
Kiss my knuckles and rub my skin;
But it's only a dream that we long to find.

I asked what such place we can run;
What place can we possibly find to love?
You said, "The nights are always bright;
The stars are always shining above."

"God will only let us hold each other;
He knows that we'll never let go.
Angels sing us to sleep every night;
And my love for you can always show."

"Every night I fall asleep with you;
Wake up every morning in your arms.
Nobody can tell us what to do or say;
We know we will never be at harm."

"With you, the best moments arrive;
Only in your arms they happened to me.
Baby, the place I'm telling you about;
This place is in your eyes and what I see."

"The place I tell you about is heaven;
That is in your arms and in your heart."
And I cry and I'll tell you I love you;
I know that with you, I can't fall apart.

I'll runaway with you to the end of the world.
I will always hold you until the end.
Sweetheart, the best place I've ever known,
It's were I know I won't have to cry again.