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Story of love

by xo kisses xo

She kept her feeling hidden
Out of everyones sight
A mask to hide it all
Until she went to bed at night

Her diary knew everything
His looks, his eyes, his smile
In her heart she knew she loved him
Though her head was in denial

How could he not notice it
As she said it loud and clear
He never told her how he truly felt
He just ran in fear

Although she had a boyfriend
She really loved him too
She didn't want to hurt either one
So she didn't know what to do

Her feelings were so deep
At least she knew they were true
She wanted to scream it loud
And say that I love you

He felt the same about her
But kept it all bottled up inside
He said he wanted to be *just friends*
Although he knew he lied

They loved each other so much
Though neither of them knew
He always said I love you
But she didn't know it was true

One day he was through with it
Tired of always crying
He called her up and told her
That he was through with lying

He said *I have loved you since the day
That you stole my heart
I think of you all the time
Whenever we are apart

When someone says love
You're the first thing to my mind
I know that I love you
And loved you this whole time

So stop playing games
lets get one thing straight
I know that you're with him
But I hope that I'm not too late

She began to cry
Knowing how she truly felt
She wanted to tell the truth
She wanted to just melt

After she gathered her thoughts
She grabbed the phone and sighed
She said *I dint feel the same*
Knowing that she had lied

She couldn't tell him the truth
It would break her boyfriends heart
But she was destroying her own
Knowing forever they would be apart

In her diary that night
She told about her day
How she lied to him
And the price she'd have to pay

The pain was building up
And the tears were falling down
Her heart was so strong
Then it crumbled to the ground

She was writing in her diary
When her boyfriend called her phone
She saw it was him
And just wanted to be alone

He called her back again
And answered the phone, did she
He said this relationship ain't working
I am so sorry

She began to cry
Although pain she did not feel
They were tears of joy
That moment her heart did heal

She called up the guy she loved
And said *I'm through with lying too
My boyfriend was in the way
But this time I secretly loved you*

He replied *I love you too
But theres something have to say
I have a story to tell
About what I was going to do today

I called and told I love you
But you refused my heart
I began to cry
And simply fell apart

I grabbed a gun
and put it to my head
Without your love
I was better off dead

I was about to pull the trigger
When my phone began to ring
I noticed it was you
And my heart began to sing

But now I know you love me
And I know its true
Let me say it again
Baby I-LOVE-YOU!!!!*

They talked for a while
About how stupid they had been
Believing the other
just wanted to be friends