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As We Dance

by BeautifulxMess

Listening to the music playing in our heads.
As we dance to the melody our hearts make.
Moving our feet in a rhythm soft and sweet.
After all this time I found love's not a mistake.

Under the stars we dance until they fade away.
Beneath the pale blue moon we kiss calmly.
Your hands find mine and you hold it to yours.
Love is all I feel when you hold my frail body.

The world stops for a moment in your eyes.
Everything disappears when you bestow a kiss.
Sweetheart, I'm amazed by your love you have.
You always show it in your everlasting bliss.

As the wind glides against our delicate skin.
Our love arises like a rose in a silent meadow.
For I will and promise to never let you embark.
As we dance, the stars let my burdens go.