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You are amazing! I love you!

by lauren

You think you're a normal person,
Just another face in the crowed,
But you are something truly special,
And this I would vow.
You are so amazing,
But you don't see what I see.
When you look into the mirror,
You don't see, all you could be.
You copy what your friends do,
And act false to hide who you are.
You think it makes you a better person,
When you're the best just as you are.
I cherish everyday I spend,
When I'm with you.
In my times of darkness,
You got me through.
Be who you are,
You are all I want to be.
You are so much more than this,
You truly inspire me.
You are a gift,
Open your eyes,
Let the inner person out,
The one you're trying so hard to hide!