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To my love

by David

To My Love,

I never thought Id say this
I did not think it could be real
I feel so safe and secure
Happiness is how I feel

Your grace so pure, your soul so sweet;
My heart longs for its steady beat.
A smile, a wave; Im completely taken,
My core is left greatly shaken.

My love for you is absolute, always true.
I love your eyes, your smile... yes all of you.
I need your love, I want you near.
My loyalty is forever, never fear.

Please stay beside me
To have another perfect day
Praying you will never leave
Hoping you will always stay
You and me forever and always

Know that you filled my once lonely heart with love,
That no one else could ever have filled or bought,
And know that if you should ever fall,
In my arms you'll be caught

Love always David