Read Love Poems


by Carmen

Mist tickles my hair,
As I stand here alone...
My mistake, I should have known...
A love like this is very rare.

My body quivers and shakes,
Stranded alone in the cold...
I should've let our story unfold,
Look past our petty mistakes.

We were the ideal match,
You could hear the jealousy drip from their tongue...
Maybe we were too young,
But it was my heart you came to snatch.

I was stubborn, stupid, a fool...
I threatened to throw him away,
Through my fingers he swept astray...
Gone is my angel, my love, my jewel...

Starring into the calm, lulling lake,
Never have I felt more lonely...
Babe, you were my one and only...
Now I regret my horrid mistake.

I look into the distance,
And what is this I see?
It's my baby, he's coming back to me!
Down falls my wall of Resistance.

I open my heart once again,
Welcoming him back into my forgotten arms...
No more fighting, no signaling alarms,
Maybe we can be what we've once been.

Broken from our time apart,
Our love brought us back once more,
Stronger and wiser than we were before,
Because like a boomerang, you flew back into my heart.