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You Have My Heart

by Brittney Follett

I'm trying to walk when you make me crawl.
Drooling over the phone, waiting for your call.
When you kiss me, my heart flies above.
When you're with me I know true love.

You are everything I could ever crave.
You are with me. Wow, you must be brave.
I love everything that you ever do.
You better know that: I love you.

I love chocolate... But I love you more.
That's a lot, before you two were war.
I couldn't choose which one I love best.
Now I love you know the rest.

Being so near you, I just feel so strong.
Not being with you, it just feels so wrong.
I'm trying to speak with nothing to say.
I try to breathe when you take it away.

Bad enough you have cooties and I love you.
But I wrote a corny poem about it too.
You make me laugh, you make me smile.
I guess after that... I can keep you for a while.