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Moth To A Flame

by Twisted Heart

You draw me
Like a moth to a flame
Within the light surrounding you
Is where I must remain.

If but for a moment
I can look into your eyes
To see the love that you possess
For this I'd gladly die.

Your touch frees me
Each tender stroke I feel
Gives me such a warm caress
It makes my senses reel.

Your words comfort
Just the sound of your sweet voice
Completely captivates my heart
I stay, I have no choice.

You're a beacon
To this lonely soul that cries
Each moment that we are apart
Is one that dies inside.

So let me fly
In the essence of your light
And if it be the flame that kills me
I'll gladly go tonight.

Just to know
With wings you gave me life
And let me fly inside your love
Surrounded by your light.