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Why I Love You Like I Do

by myshiningstar14

Trade my world,
give my life
everything about
you is what I like,
and the little things
you do,
the little things you
lets me know you
don't ever want to
be replaced.

By my side night
and day,
blessed by the
things you say,
its like every time
I look in your eyes
I know why.

I don't have to
fake a mile,
hold back the
I just hand you
my tears
as you take my
forever standing
inches away.

Together we're
the one and only
thing that helps
me along,
that keeps me
playing this beautiful

I don't have to
pretend I'm holding
on tight
because baby you
and me its more
than right.

you see through my
you know it all,
you hear the pain as
your love cascades

you see the beauty
in everything,
the beauty in everything,
everything in me.
you hold our dreams
and all the reasons why
I love you like I do....