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The Luckiest Guy (part 5)

by Goran Rahim

Dear the luckiest guy in this world,
Sorry for writing a note again.
But I have to write you this
Taking out the heart's pain.

Remember my first note,
What did I told you at the start?
I begged you to make her happy,
Why did you break that princess's heart?

In your love she forgot everything,
Even my purest love.
How come now you are the one
Making her life so tough.

Why have you done that to her?
Don't you have a heart too?
How could you give her fake hopes?
By the drama of "I love you"

I asked you to respect her,
I begged you to give her joy.
Why did you break her naive heart?
That heart was not your toy.

The love for you blinded her,
Yet you are not appreciating her.
If you made her forget my name,
Then why did you leave her?