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Teen Love

by Cathy

I'm thinking of the moment when you and I first met
It was a moment I would never forget
I was with my friends while you were with yours
walking around the mall going into every store

I remember your stare and I smiled at you
you took it as invitation to come on through
you walked up to me and asked me my name
But I wasn't shy I asked you the same

And that was the first night that we ever hung out
we had a connection without a doubt
we laughed and joked the whole night through
remember that was the first night I got to kiss you

Soon after that we were two teenagers in love
you were the only one I ever thought of
than you started going to my school
I remembering seeing how all the girls wanted you

Than after school you would walk with me home
giving me company so I wouldn't be alone
you would hold my hand as we laughed the whole way
it became a pattern every single day

We were inseparable we would never leave each others sight
you would call to say I love you before bed every night
It was like heaven for any teenage girl
and you were the best thing in my teenage world