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Dont mistake love and friendship

by Hailey

Maybe I'm just lonely
As i drift to you
I know you don't want anything more
I don't know what to do

You ring me up to party
And my heart begins to dance
I think about all the maybes
Maybe ill get my chance

We've always been a strange pair
A fling here or there
But now its starting to mean more
I think I'm starting to care

We've always been the players
Never with anyone to long
Neither of us would commit
To us it wasn't wrong

Your still your old self
And as much i don't wanna be
I'm starting to grow up
I just don't think you can see

I'm looking for soul mate
That i thought i saw in you
But i was just confused
I thought maybe you did too

I don't wanna lose your friendship
With some stupid mistake
Because i wasn't sure
The chance i choose not to take

I know i was muddled up
With my feelings for us
But now i know were just great mates
I'm glad i didn't make a fuss