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The Innocence of Youth

by Karl Wild GG23

A young woman who just turned sixteen,
Feels the pressures of this fast paced world,
Her friends are all about the party scene,
While she's still Daddy's little girl.

She wants to make her own decisions,
Knowing some choices will be mistakes,
See's her future in the clearest of visions,
While understanding once is all it takes.

If she gives up her innocence of youth,
She knows that it'll be gone forever,
Why trade in one of life's purest truth's,
For a boy who doesn't care whatsoever.

I mean he tells you that he loves you,
And no matter what he'll always be there,
But I don't believe he even has a clue,
He just wants your innocence I swear.

He'll tell you whatever he needs to say,
Just to inch his way a little closer,
Your so called love he'll soon betray,
In the end he'll just be another poser.

So please follow your virgin heart,
Do not mistake his lies for truth,
All he's wanted from the very start,
Is your sacred innocence of youth.