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Killed me With a Fantasy

by IdTakeABulletForYou

Killed me with a fantasy
That clearly wouldn't ever be.
Devoured in a fuzzy dream;
So false, the truth I should've seen.

I break apart with every word.
Divert your eyes so YOU aren't hurt.
Don't care for me, I will be fine...
(There goes my "Once upon a time...")

It feels like water consumes me,
Like I am sinking in the sea.
I send no flares, I don't scream loud.
I'm doomed-- I know I'm going down.

[You held my hand] (You let it go)
[You promised me](Each promise: Broke)
[You said you loved me](Now, you don't.)
[You said you'd hold me](Now you won't.)

I'm losing air, it's hard to breathe;
The water's creeping up on me.
Each breath I take may be my last...
(I'm going down... I'm sinking fast.)

I thought that you would care for me,
But now it is so clear
You never even loved me,
You just broke my heart and left me here.

I'm sure I'm gonna sink below
-- there's nothing I can do.
I'm running out of oxygen...
(It's all because of you.)