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A Thousand Words, Kisses And Smiles

by Jenni Marie

Thousands of words spoken
Could never really describe
How I glow when thinking of you
Or this beautiful love I feel inside.

If I gave you a thousand kisses
They could never really convey
How I always want to be with you
Or how you brighten up my day.

A thousand smiles in your direction
Could never justify how I feel
Nor could they ever thank you enough
For how you made my broken heart heal.

Even if I was wrapped in your embrace
More than a thousand times
It wouldn't be possible to show you
How glad I am that you are mine.

More than a thousand laughs
Wouldn't show how happy you make me
For with you I'm just estatic
Feeling so carefree.

Together we commited
A beautiful crime
I stole away your heart
And you stole away mine.