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Nothing Forever

by Hollymariee

It's amazing how you make me laugh
When it hurts too much to smile
And when I need guidance to set me straight
It's always your number I dial

I can tell you anything
Without even thinking twice
You'll keep my secrets safe
And If needed you'll give me advice

At times you make me mad
But then you always make it right
A simple joke or apology
And the urge to smile is tough to fight

You'd do anything for me
And for you I'd do the same
If it's how you truely feel ,
My love is yours to claim

You tell me that I'm beautiful
Even if I strongly disagree
You've found the beauty and perfection
That I'm just too stubborn to see

Some people say we should be a couple
But then everything would change
No longer would we be best friends
And one fight could set us astray

The thought of losing you
Is like a hundred stabbing knives
If you ever went away
I don't think I could survive

That's why I refuse
The thought of being together
So lets be nothing..
I heard it lasts forever <3