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Seven Red Roses

by Hollymariee

On my 18th birthday,
I heard a knock at the door.
There was no one in sight,
Only a bouquet on the floor.

I picked it up,
And read the note inside.
What I learned that day,
Brought tears to my eyes.

"Dear Robyn,
I don't know how to tell you,
But it'll have to come out some day.
I've loved you since the day we've met
And each rose has something to say.

The first is for how much I love your smile,
How it brightens up my day.
How it makes me want to smile too
And my problems go away.

The second is for your patience,
How you know there's always time.
How you never have the need to rush,
And you can always spare a dime.

The third is for your beautiful eyes,
How they sparkle in the light.
For how I lose myself in them,
And think everything's alright.

The fourth is for your confidence,
How you never show you're shy.
You achieve your heart's desires,
As you build estime and pride.

The fifth is for how you listen,
No matter what I say.
How you're always so attentive,
And you never walk away.

The sixth is for how you accept me,
Just the way I am.
You'd never ask me to change my ways,
Or to fall where I stand.

The last is for how I'm sorry,
But I left you today.
I decided to jump of the bridge,
Near the park where we used to play.

Don't bother to try and save me,
My selfesh deed is done.
You were what kept me alive,
But now my dear you're gone.

My future wasn't bright,
And my life could not have been saved.
Even though I told you everything,
I took much more to my grave.

I'm sorry you had to hear this,
On such a special day.
But I just couldn't take no more
And there isn't much more to say.

Only that I love you,
And I'm sorry a million times.
But I must ask you one more thing...
Please Robyn, don't cry.

No matter how hard I tried,
I could not fulfill his last request.
I cried myself to sleep for weeks,
And for days I could not rest.

For his funeral I returned the favor,
I bought him a bouquet.
It contained a full dozen roses,
But only one had something to say.

"Dear Austin,
I know your world had become,
A cold and darkened place.
There were seldom times I saw you,
With a smile upon your face.

I should've reacted sooner,
I should've saw the signs.
Now you're gone forever,
And I can never call you mine.

I'm sorry I took so long,
To tell you the way I feel.
Maybe if I would've told you sooner,
Just maybe you'd still be here.
Love Robyn"