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Fear Of Rejection

by Goran Rahim

It has been many nights,
Sleep had said goodbye to my eyes.
Because a girl has taken over my heart,
Brightening my hopes, like the sunrise.

The heart is restless for her one smile,
The pen is in search of a new word.
So I can write a new poem,
For the girl to me, means the whole world.

Yet this is one side love,
As my heart is afraid to mention it.
It has fear, fear of rejection,
What if she refuses it?

That is the fear of the heart,
Talking to my words every night.
Will she accept me for who I am?
Giving the hopes some light.

Her pretty eyes and cute smile
Making me to say nothing.
Because if she reject me
I wouldn't live to see another spring.

I love you my dear,
Should I tell you?
Just give me a signal,
So I sacrifice my life for you.