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I'll Be There

by Emily Strickland

When Your Crying Out
All Alone At Night
Just Know I'll Be There
To Make Everything Alright

When Your Feeling Sad
And Have Lost Your Way
Just Know I'll Be There
To Brighten Up Your Day

When Your Feeling Scared
And Don't Know What To Do
Just Know I'll Be There
Trying My Best To Help You

When It Feels As Though
You Have Reached The End
Just Know I'll Be There
And My Hand I Will Lend

Just Please Remember
To Keep Me In Your Heart
And Know That Then
We Can Never Be Far Apart

When You Need Someone
To Tell You Its Gunna Be Fine
Just Reach Out For Me
And Put Your Hand In Mine

Together You And I
Have Come So Far
Its Truely Amazing
How Blessed We Are

Just Know That No Matter
Where We Go Or What We Do
That I Will Always And Forever
Be There For You