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Undesirable Reality (Collaboration with J a n e)

by Karl Wild GG23

In a world sinister and bleak,
Loneliness finds me contemplating,
The endless gentle words you speak,
Shift the gloomy night; elating.

I seize shelter in your whisper,
Tranquility in your stunning smile,
With your persuasion, I defer,
Each moment spent; worthwhile.

Captivated by your resonating verve,
In your grasp, I feel security,
Immeasurable love, you deserve,
A bond overflowing with purity.

Firm hands, yet soft and tender,
Caress one another; sensual bliss,
To your oceanic eyes, I surrender,
And melt, weakened by a kiss.

Enthralled in the sweetest embrace,
This dream spins from my vision,
Undesirable reality steps in its place,
Contemptuous truth in derision.

In a world sinister and bleak,
Morning finds me contemplating,
An everlasting dream I seek,
Irrefutable romance, never fading.