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A Day In Our Lives

by Tim Mathis

On the morning breeze,
You come to me,
Like fragrance from a rose.
I flash a grin,
And take you in,
With a kiss upon your nose.

You grin back,
A playful smack,
Then wrap me in your arms.
A long embrace,
A lovers place,
That shelters us from harm.

We walk the sand,
With hand in hand,
The waves crash on the shore.
Our lips combine,
Our souls entwine,
And leaves us wanting more.

The sun sets low,
A bright orange glow,
That ripples on the sea,
We share the view,
That's meant for two,
Just right for you and me.

It's time to go,
So we move slow,
The stars are out above,
With one more kiss,
A hug not missed,
Our day ends full of love.