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If i didn't have you

by Tracy D Rollings

If i didn't have you
what would i do
have to go through life
all lonely and blue.

If i didn't have you
how would i live
my life would be over
no more love for my heart to give.

If i didn't have you
to hold me tight
tell me you loved me
and everything would be alright.

If i didn't have you
there would be loneliness
bitterness and pain
because without your love
I would surely go insane.

If i didn't have you
this life would be gone
there wouldn't be any reason
for me to go on.

Because your love
was everything it was meant to be
and without your love
my heart can never again be free.

If i didn't have you
to laugh and smile
tell me you love me
and drive me wild
life would be empty
so sad and cold
and my heart would turn dark
in the days as i grow old.

So i thank my God
from the heavens above
for sending me an angel
so precious to love.

I prayed for you dearly
and my dream came true
and now i don't worry about
if i didn't have you.©2007 Tracydr42