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Because of You

by alexandra

I loved you more than hot Chocolate on a winter's day,
I missed you more than anyone Could say,
For you I cried more than seven Seas,
And I thought I couldn't see you Without me.
But everything is changing.
My life keeps rearranging
And there you are
So close, but so far.
I don't know where your heart is,
I can't take anymore of this.
Your eyes, you say,
Are on me always.
But I can feel our hearts
Slowing slipping apart.
Only because your mind is on her,
Making mine become a blur.
Whats wrong with this picture?
You told me you loved me, not her.
You told me that you wouldn't hurt Me,
Well you did, these are tears, can't You see?
But maybe you can't remember what it feels like.
To have someone hold your heart And then throw it right
Back, broken into pieces for you to Pick up.
And then you'll try to hang through When it gets tough.
You might not remember, but I do,
Everyday it's what I go through- Because of you.