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Fallen For My Friend

by LoveAndAddictions

With every tear that I've dried
with every smile that I've lied
with every moment by your side
with every beat of my heart
every time I've caught you
when you've fallen apart
all the miles Ive walked
many hours we've talked
all the laughs that we have
creating as many memories as we can

only to be friends
till death takes us in
I've fallen for a friend
block the feelings if i can

he means the world to me
and he's blind as can be
clueless on my thoughts
clueless on the pain

i sit and listen to him talk
about every girl he likes
i bet i never cross his mind
I'm not even a thought
i watch him go through depressions
when ever somethings wrong
i wish i could give him all my love
do all i can in the world
to make sure he stays strong

i am only the friend
till death takes us in
he'll never know the way i felt
never know i cared
never know he stole my heart
and how i wished that he was here
i wish that i was under his arm
my hand was the one in his

for i have fallen for my best-friend
the one thats till the end
the one that i talk to days on end
together every single day
and laughing all night long

but i know, i must stay strong
for this is all my fault
i should have knew
this day would come
and if he finds out
this friendship will be screwed